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This page describes the procedures for administering the site in relation to the processing of personal data of users.


This information complies with article 13 of Legislative Decree n.196/03 - Code for the protection of personal data - to those who interact with web services provided directly by ShoppingDONNA S.r.l., accessible at the following address: www.shoppingdonna.it corresponding to the home page of the website above-stated of ShoppingDONNA S.r.l.

The information is provided for the website of ShoppingDONNA S.r.l. and not to other Web sites accessed via links.

The information is based on Recommendation no. 2 /2001 that the European authorities for the protection of personal data, grouped by the article 29 of Directive 95/46/EC, adopted on 17 May 2001 to identify the minimum requirements for collecting personal data on-line and, in particular, the procedure, timing and nature of the information that the data should provide users when they log on, regardless of the purpose of the link.

Please read our Privacy Policy, outlined below.

The Policy and the Privacy Standards used by ShoppingDONNA S.r.l. for the protection of personal data are based on the following principles:


The processing of personal data is maintained over time identified by officers within the company.


Personal data is collected and subsequently processed in accordance with the principles expressed by the Privacy Policy adopted by ShoppingDONNA S.r.l. indicated in this Privacy Policy. By the time of submittal of data is supplied to the informative, succinct but complete, as provided by article 13 of Legislative Decree no. No 196/03.


Personal information is treated lawfully and correctly, is recorded for specific aims, explicit and legitimate, relevant and not excessive in the scope of the processing, are kept for the time necessary for the purposes of collection.


The purpose of the processing of personal data is made available to interested parties at the time of collection.

Any new processing of data, if unrelated to the purposes stated, shall be activated prior to the new information and any request for consent, when required by law no. 196/03. In any case, personal data are not communicated or disclosed to third parties without your prior consent, except as expressly provided for by article 24 of law no. 196/03.


The personal data are accurate and updated over time. The data is organized and maintained so that the person is given the opportunity to know, if you like, what data has been collected and recorded, as well as quality control and request any corrections, integration, cancellation for breach of law or opposition to the processing and exercise all other rights in accordance with and within the limits of article 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03, at the addresses given in the Informative ex article 13 of law no. 196/03 on the website of ShoppingDONNA S.r.l.


Personal data is protected by technical, computer, organizational, logistical and procedural safety measure, against the risk of destruction or loss, even accidental, and unauthorized access or processing is not allowed. These measures are updated regularly according to technical progress, the nature of the data and the specific characteristics of the processing, constantly monitored and verified over time. Third parties engaged in support of any kind for the provision of services by ShoppingDONNA S.r.l., in respect of which perform operations of processing, are designated by the controllers and are contractually bound to respect measures for the safety and confidentiality of the data. The identity of such third parties is made known to users. In some cases, could be responsible for handling the employees of companies that collaborate

with ShoppingDONNA S.r.l., if the processing operations shall be under the direct authority of ShoppingDONNA S.r.l.

With the agreement of the parties concerned, if required by law, but after adequate disclosure that specifies the number

of purposes, personal data may be disclosed to third parties, public and private, outsider to ShoppingDONNA S.r.l., which will treat as holders of the data , as defined in the law no. 196/03. Of processing operations carried out by the Holders of the data, ShoppingDONNA S.r.l. is in no way responsible. ShoppingDONNA S.r.l. further assumes no responsibility to:

  1. the rules and procedures for managing personal information of other web sites accessible from our website through links and references;

  2. the contents of any e-mail services, Web spaces, chat forums available to the users.

The data connected to the web services offered by this website are held at the offices of ShoppingDONNA S.r.l. situated

in Milan, Via Stradivari 1 and Monopoli (Ba) Via Vittorio Veneto 101, and possibly at the premises of external managers

of data processing and are managed by a processor responsible for managing the required services, marketing activities - as required by user - the activities of data storage and occasional maintenance operations.

Data Controller

The owner of the data as specified below is ShoppingDONNA Srl, with registered office in 20124 Milan, via Cartesio 2.


Personal data provided will be disclosed to third parties in order to fulfil legal obligations, under orders from public authorities entitled to it or even to assert or defend a right in court. If necessary in relation to particular services or products requested, personal data may be disclosed to third parties who hold, as the independent data processing functions are closely related and instrumental to the provision of services or delivery of products. Without communications, these services and products could not be provided.

Personal data will not be disclosed, unless the requested service so requires.


It is good that you know that browsing through ShoppingDONNA S.r.l. website, could be detected, your professional interests and personal information, however, are collected for the sole and exclusive purpose of providing the requested services and check the quality of services.


The types of personal data collected and treated on the ShoppingDONNA S.r.l website are those necessary for the provision of various services provided. The data collected will be processed using forms, automated and computerized and strictly respecting the treatment. To offer the services fax numbers, phone numbers and cell phone numbers and

e-mail can be used. It is therefore clear that if these data were not given, those services that require the use of these tools will not be provided. If you do not give your consent to the use of e-mail, fixed phone and cell phone and fax information for purposes of advertising or direct marketing or interactive commercial communication, these tools will not be used for this purpose. Specific information will be reported in the pages of the site prepared for the possible provision of personal data. Any voluntary sending of electronic mail to addresses listed on the site involves the acquisition of the sender's address and any other information contained in the message, these data will be used only to perform the services required.


It is useful to know which software procedures to acquire the site during their normal exercise, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the communication protocols of the Internet. Although it is information not intended to be associated with users identified by their very nature, if combined with other data held by third parties (eg. Your internet service provider) could allow the identification of users. This category of data includes IP addresses or domain names of computers used by users who connect to the site, the addresses in notation URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in reply, the numerical code indicating the status of the response from the server (successful, error, etc..) and other parameters relating to the operating system and computer environment. These data are used solely for the purpose of anonymous statistical use of the site and to check its proper functioning.

The processing and, depending on the service requested, the designated leaders retain, for a limited period in accordance with the law, the path (LOG) connection / surfing made to respond to any requests by the judicial or other public body entitled to apply for these traces for the detection of any liability in case of computer crimes.

Apart from that specified for navigation data, the user is free to give or not the personal information requested on the registration form to the services. On this form, however, some information may be marked as mandatory, it must be understood that such data are necessary for the provision of service required. Should not be given this information, the service may not be supplied and it is not possible to take advantage of related opportunities.

By the time of provision of data, as provided by article 13 of law no. 196/03, the person is given an informative, short yet full of purpose and mode of processing, the mandatory or optional nature of providing data on the consequences of not providing, on the subjects or categories of persons to which the data may be disclosed, and the scope of dissemination of these data, the rights under Article 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03 (access, integration, modification, correction, cancellation for breach of the law, opposition to treatment, etc..), about the identity and location of the owner and the person or persons responsible of the processing. The question is then asked to give its informed consent, free expressed specific and documented in the manner provided by law, if requested by it. If the contributions of personal data take place in stages, will be provided to supplement information already made previously and new required consents to the treatment provided for allowed by the Code.


ShoppingDONNA S.r.l. using different "safe" architectures and technologies to protect personal data against undue disclosure, alteration or misuse. The protections turned to the personal data are proposed, in particular, to minimize the risk of destruction or loss, even accidental, of data, unauthorized access or processing not allowed or not in accordance with the purposes of collection. These safety measures meet the requirements specified by the legislator (Technical specifications regarding minimum safety measures provided for in Article 33 to 36 of law no. 196/03). The subjects, whose personal data have the right at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence of the data and to know their content and origin, verify its accuracy or request its integration or update, or correction (art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03).

Under that article, the interested party has the right to request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data treated in violation of the law, and to oppose in any case, for legitimate reasons, their processing.

Requests should be sent to the email address privacy@shoppingdonna.it or wrote to Via Cartesio, 2 - 20124 Milan or called +39 02.97383585.


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