HOROSCOPE domenica 05 dicembre 2021

  • Aries

    You'll be able to reinvigorate your finances and improve your income. However, keep in control of unnecessary spending. You'll be very versatile towards your loved one, even if someone will try to intervene in your relationship and irritate you.

  • Taurus

    Contractual disputes or disagreements with a superior which could put your collaboration at risk. Don't get too upset if your beloved is over inquisitive; you have nothing to hide.

  • Gemini

    Lady Luck is on your side, giving you new opportunities, vitality and the desire to do as much as possible. Try not to be dispersive and concentrate. You'll be very attracted to a kind, gentle person who you've recently met but who you feel you've known for a long time.

  • Cancer

    Relationships with co-workers will be difficult. Someone will behave unprofessionally and this will upset you. You'll be very extrovert and will be able to charm someone who was previously not interested in you.

  • Leo

    You won't feel tired and this will lead to great things. With patience and tenacity, you'll get unexpected, profitable results. The Moon will stimulate your relationship and you'll see everything through rose-tinted glasses. Dialogue will improve and your beloved will seduce you by wearing elegant clothes.

  • Virgo

    You'll realize just what your limits are and use the right tactics to climb the career ladder. Try not to have a heated argument with your loved one. Be conciliating.

  • Libra

    You'll be very pleased with the way you tackled a particular duty at work. Promotion and extra earnings are on the cards. You'll be blown away by the grace and gentleness of a new acquaintance. You'll do all you can to attract attention but this person will not even notice you.

  • Scorpio

    Small satisfactions will cheer you up and make you more dynamic, favoring new projects which will stimulate you to give your best. You'll make a new acquaintance who will have similar interests to yours. You'll try to win him or her over in a gentle, attentive way but try not to be insistent.

  • Sagittarius

    This is an important phase, full of good news. You can look forward to stimulating duties. You'll feel insecure and inconstant and this will have a negative effect on your relationship. Try to find new stimuli.

  • Capricorn

    You'll have to deal with a talkative colleague who'll try to impose his or her will. You'll treat your loved one aggressively as there is something which isn't quite right. You'll try to put him or her to the test.

  • Aquarius

    The situation is looking to open up and you'll be able to make new deals which will help you consider new outlets. You won't be able to get bored as you'll spend time with your loved one and this will be a romantic and intense phase.

  • Pisces

    You'll be lively, inventive and with great resolve towards a complex task which risks altering your inner harmony. Expect small misunderstandings with your loved one due to your obstinacy to ask for the impossible.